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Established in June 2021, this blog focuses on topics related to Tribal Enterprises and Governmental Accounting. Some blogs will be informative, some entertaining, and some will be periodic updates.

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The Single Audit

There is an immense increase in Single Audits in 2020, and that’s because Tribal Government expenditures were larger in 2020 than ever in modern history. This is because the Federal Government distributed incredible amounts of funds to Tribal Governments within the Coronavirus Relief Fund (“CRF”). These funds were designed to be used to mitigate theContinue reading “The Single Audit”

The Wahlberg brothers enter the Tribal Casino Resort business.

The Wahlberg brothers were a huge hit at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention last week as they disclosed their relationship with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. The Wahlberg’s food and beverage franchises will be added as an amenity for guests within the Tribe’s Resort Casinos. This was a big step for theContinue reading “The Wahlberg brothers enter the Tribal Casino Resort business.”

Capital Assets Part 1 – Capitalization Threshold

Yesterday, my girlfriend asked me why I like to buy expensive furniture but am conservative in everything else, I told her because I can capitalize furniture. 🙂 Capitalization is a complex topic and can sometimes be difficult to keep track of, especially during large construction projects. The first part of understanding capital assets is understandingContinue reading “Capital Assets Part 1 – Capitalization Threshold”


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