The Wahlberg brothers enter the Tribal Casino Resort business.

The Wahlberg brothers were a huge hit at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention last week as they disclosed their relationship with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. The Wahlberg’s food and beverage franchises will be added as an amenity for guests within the Tribe’s Resort Casinos. This was a big step for the partnership, and, in my opinion, a glimpse into the future of Tribal Casino Resort amenities.  

Venues within Tribal Casinos tend to be managed by an in-house team, which was a topic I covered in a previous blog, “Should Casino’s Manage their restaurants in-house or outsource to a third-party management company?”, but tides are slowly turning. The Wahlberg partnership, and the exposure developed from it, is setting the stage for the transition of an industry. I believe food and beverage outlets will be the first venues to be outsourced, especially considering the difficulties in hiring, recently.

History repeats itself, and if we reflect to the history of the Las Vegas strip, we notice that the Casino Resorts were once completely the management responsibility of the in-house team; however, in time, the restaurants were almost completely outsourced. Then, once outsourced, celebrity chefs were recruited / created, and now, Las Vegas is one of the restaurant capitals of the world.

We will see if the successful exposure of the Wahlberg Tribal Casino partnership at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention will catch on, and I’m curious to see what trendy food and beverage venue is next.

Although not as trendy, a staple that I think would be successful at several Tribal Casino Resorts is the House of Blues. House of Blues has a unique blend of Live Music, food and beverage, and nightlife that is hard to replicate. House of Blues is also within the Live Nation family, so artist will both perform at locations they wouldn’t previously consider and perform for Live Nation costs, unlike the premium added to Tribal Casino performance quotes.  

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