The trials and tribulations of eating “healthy” on the road.

I travel a lot. In fact, last semester of business school, I traveled 10 out of the 12 weeks for work. It’s no secret that constant travel requires a lot of work to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The eating out, lack of available gyms, and stationary lifestyle of “life on the road” can be daunting for someone who cares about their health (hopefully all of you).

There is no substitute to healthy habits at your home-base, but I’ve learned a few tricks on diet in attempting to beat the life on the road extra pounds. I am no nutritionist, and I could definitely be better at practicing what I preach; however, I hope this is a good starting point for your life on the road dietary goals.

Call your hotel ahead of time.

  • Call your scheduled hotel reservation ahead of time and ask if the rooms have both a microwave and refrigerator. These two simple kitchen appliances are key to a somewhat healthy diet on the road. It’s the difference between a hot meal, chilled veggies, or a week’s diet consisting of grains and nutrition bars.  

Pack a spork and a “camping” bowl.

  • You can find both these cooking tools at REI. A spork is a fork and spoon combined for an individual eating utensil. A reusable spork and “camping” bowl are important to have for your different meals throughout the week. Both should be both easy to pack and easy to clean. These two handy items will assist with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast and Dinner will most likely be in the hotel room; however, the spork and “camping” bowl should be easy to transport for lunch at the client.

Have grocery shopping list on the notes section of your cell phone.

  • You should have your grocery go-to items, as an easily accessible checklist on your phone. Items shouldn’t be by brand because there is a large chance you will replace the brands based on the closest grocery store to your hotel.
  • Here is my shopping list for a five-day, including breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner:
    • 6 pre-made salad chicken packs
    • Pack of 3 ready rice
    • Soy Sauce
    • 6 nutrition bars
    • 1 container of peanuts
    • 2 salad bags
    • Salad Dressing (balsamic vinaigrette)
    • 4 peanut butter small packs
    • 2 packs of pre-made eggs
    • 2 bananas
    • 2 apples
    • 1 big bag of popcorn.
    • Tea

Wash your spork and “camping” bowl immediately after your meals.

  • There is nothing worse than a dirty spork and bowl a day after dinner. The soy sauce is almost impossible to remove to its entirety, and the reality that you’re eating like a camper, while all the restaurants can be expensed, becomes a cold reality. It’s best to make the experience of eating healthy as seamless as possible.

Let me know if you have tips, or better shopping items below! I would love to know additional secrets to the extremely difficult act of staying healthy on the road.

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