Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention is July 19-22, 2021. Here are two booths you should visit and one vendor that should be there, but isn’t.

Don’t worry, this is not a paid advertisement.

CasinoTrac is an incredible technology. Most of our clients in the south / mid-west already know this, but I think CasinoTrac is an important part of the future of the gaming business.  I recently messaged CasinoTrac for their training manuals because I’m under the impression that many of our clients will be transitioning to this IT software / hardware within the next couple years. The technology assists in both ensuring internal controls of operations and completing reconciliations of your General Ledger accounts. There are few technologies that I’m blown away by, but CasinoTrac is definitely one of them.

Another reason I think CasinoTrac is outstanding, is because it can produce data analytics to assist management in appropriately budgeting. The amount of data that CasinoTrac records, it is inevitable that it can transition to artificial intelligence in the future; however, for now, I thoroughly like auditing a casino client that utilizes this resource.

CasinoTrac Website

The other booth to check out is ours, BlueBird CPAs! I won’t be there but stop by to say hello to our amazing team. 🙂

BlueBird CPAs Website

Finally, one vendor that I believe should be there but isn’t  is UrVenue. UrVenue is a resource I used at both MGM properties and Grand Sierra Resort and Casino; it is also used at Wynn Properties.  It became the standard for nightlife venues, and within the past 5 years spread to pools, Live Entertainment Venues, and most recently, the VIP section of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.  This software creates 3D online illustrations of your venue and provides a resource for customers to buy tickets to specific locations. It sets up at your host stand, so you can greet guest by name, and collect the appropriate CRM information to stay in touch. This software is unparalleled when it comes to useability, and it is growing in functions rapidly.

UrVenue Website

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